The ACES Group has strategically positioned itself to capitalize on long term growth trends that present new sources of demand for renewable energy and clean energy solutions by establishing a strong project pipeline for the next five years.​

Our objective is to become one of the major utility investment and management companies in clean energy projects within the next 5 years.​

Our focus is on biomass, biogas and solar power generation across the African Continent. Through our subsidiary companies, we have established solar photovoltaic, biomass and biogas waste-to-energy technologies.​



Our journey as an Independent Power Producer started in 2007, with the specific objective of providing clean energy and clean energy solutions to its chosen customers based in South Africa and Namibia. The ever-increasing need for electricity generation, and with over 600 million people in Africa living with no access to reliable electricity, we committed to create a structure that accommodates the development and growth in Africa, more particularly in Kenya and Uganda. This marked the birth of ACES Group.


  •  To be a leading renewable energy provider in Africa

  •  To build simple renewable energy solutions

  •  To positively impact the world around us


  • To develop, own and operate clean energy power plants throughout Africa;

  •  To become a significant independent provider of clean energy; but at the same time make a positive impact on people’s lives;

  •  To create a cleaner environment, while offering a sustainable return to our investors.

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