The management team is an experienced team with a proven track record in the renewable energy sector. As a highly qualified, technically strong team with a good work ethic, the team understands the conditions and challenges of countries selected by the management team to operate in. ACES Board of Directors have significant experience and have expertise ranging in legal, finance, accounting and technical business skills. ​

Executive Directors

Project Managers

Jonathan Raulo  

Project Manager

Independent Non-Executive Directors

Jim Friedlander

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Directors

Toorisha Nakey-Kurnauth

Non-Executive Director

Smitha Algoo-Bissonauth

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Directors of

Associate Companies

Paul Norman

Non-Executive Director

Dr Jacky Rampedi

Non-Executive Director

Ashley Ally

Non-Executive Director

Local Project Directors

Robert W. Muchiri

Executive Director KENYA

Charles Mbire

Executive Director UGANDA

Gertrude Mwangala Akapelwa

Executive director ZAMBIA 

Dave Kruger

Chief Executive Officer

Melvyn Antonie

Chief Operations Officer


Gaetan Siew

Chairman of the Board


Tim Wood

Non-Executive Director