The ACES Group's operating strategy is to develop, finance, build, own and operate sustainable clean energy projects using its chosen technologies in its selected geographical areas of operation. A further operating strategy is to generate a sustainable strong cash flow for the benefit of the Company, its shareholders and meet the Group growth strategy.



  • Become one of the major utility investment and management companies in clean energy (renewable energy) projects in Africa within the next 5 years​

  • Adhere to best practice corporate governance and ethical business practice​

  • Operate a sustainable business and provide superior financial returns to its shareholders​

  • Provide a business platform for continuous innovation and improvement of clean energy processes, services and products​

  • Meet the 21st century challenges of supplying clean energy and meeting environmental needs particularly as they apply to Africa​

  • Provide sustainable shared-value for all stakeholders and corporate social responsibility assistance to local communities where its plants are established and operated



  • Each subsidiary company of ACES, either through its own resources or through associate third parties, identifies suitable clean energy projects falling essentially within the following sectors:​

    • Biomass/Biogas and Waste –to – Energy technology; and​

    • Solar technologies; ​

    • Assess a project’s capability to provide a partial or total clean energy solution and a project’s economic viability;​

    • Prepare a comprehensive feasibility study once the first stage is complete and if the project is bankable, the ACES Group funds the project from its own resources or raises funds for the project;​

    • Should the ACES Group provide or arrange finance for a project, it will also provide management skills and business input on an ongoing basis;​

  • The ACES Group concentrates its efforts only on National Energy Utilities, mining, commercial and industrial opportunities in Africa.